Orion Internet Banking

Orion Mobile is a hosted system that allows users to perform various banking transactions and requests from their mobile phones. The system enables users to perform the transactions and requests using USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) and Android/iOS platforms.

Key Features:

  • Balance enquiry - This allows customers to retrieve real time balances of their registered accounts
  • Funds Transfer - (The feature allows customers to transfer funds between Crane Bank accounts)
  • Mini/Full statement Request - This gives the customer the last 5 transactions on their account. The customer can also request full statement to be sent to his/her email address.
  • Utility payments (Tax, electricity, water, Dstv, StarTimes, etc.) – This enables customers to make payments to utility companies. Customers are able to transfer funds from their account to the collection account for the utility provider and get confirmation messages of payment made.
  • Airtime top up – This allows the customer to buy airtime from their accounts.
  • Forex rate – This gives the customers the exchange rates of the main currencies.
  • Chequebook requests - Customers are able to request cheque books for their accounts.
  • Stop cheque payments - Customers can stop payments of issued cheques.
  • School Fees Payments – This module allows customers to pay school fees to schools which have registered for this service and signed an agreement with the bank
  • ATM Card Request – Customers are able to request ATM Cards for their accounts
  • Stop ATM Card – Customers can stop their ATM cards in case they are lost
  • Cheque Confirmation –Customers can confirm their cheques just after issuing them in order to avoid phone calls for cheque confirmation
  • Others. – Customers can select their preferred language, change security pin, inquire interest rates etc.