Orion Internet Banking

Internet Banking Advantages

  • e-Banking allows your corporate and individual clients to benefit from informational and transactional services provided by your bank using their PC and Internet connection regardless of time and location.
  • Most banks develop parallel corporate and individual internet banking. Our solution has advantages of being an all in one platform easy to maintain
  • The system is secure, user-friendly, and enables bank clients to perform all operations from distance
  • The system helps to reduce work at the bank, clients no longer call or come to the bank for their everyday basic banking operations

Internet Banking Features:


  • Balances
  • View Daily events (instant)
  • Account history and statements
  • Export of history and statements
  • Search among transactions


  • Internal transfers
  • Transfers to local banks
  • International transfers
  • Bulk Payments
  • View pending transfers, transfer history
  • Allows multiple signatories

Other Services

  • Exchange rate
  • Buy prepaid services (Utilities such as Electricity, Mobile Credits Top up…)
  • Request cheque book
  • Request ATM card
  • Request receipt book
  • Stop cheque
  • Stop ATM card
  • Tax Payment
  • Cheque Confirmation

Other features

  • Internal mailing system
  • Security token using hardware token and/or SMS